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Mothers be Good to Your Daughters

I started this project as a study of similarities or differences in facial features between mothers and daughters but later evolved into a celebration of the relationship between the two.


Over the past couple of years, my grandma has had worsening dementia, and I am seeing how it is affecting my mom. What is going on with my grandma made me realize how important it is to value whatever time I have with my mom and grandma. That is my inspiration for the “Mothers be good to your Daughters” project.


My goal for the project was to photograph my mom and grandma together, but I didn’t think I would be able to because my grandma doesn’t like getting her picture taken. When my grandma let me photograph her, I knew this was a worthwhile project. If it could bring us together in that way, and if at that moment everything is normal where we are just enjoying one another company and creating an image that means so much to everyone involved. That is what I want for every mother/daughter group that I photograph; to enjoy at that moment one another's company and leave with a lasting image capturing their bond.

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